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Welcome to the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic

Specializing in the treatment of chronic Lyme and co-infections


Lyme Disease Practitioner

Ac. Homotoxicology, Oligotherapy, Metabolic Typing

Helping You
Get Back to Your Old Self

What I offer at the clinic is experience and willingness to help individuals and families who are going through the curative process of restoring their health from this infection(s). Lyme disease is not only a physical challenge it can effect relationships, the way they have perceived themselves and the choices they have made.

Exclusively focused on treating Lyme and co-infections for over ten years

Provide an individualized, wholistic approach

Keynote speaker at various Lyme Disease support groups

Taught health care providers how to diagnose and treat Lyme and co-infections

Accupunture, Homotoxicology, Oligotherapy, Metabolic Typing

Steve O'Neill

Stephen O’Neill is the owner and director of the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic.  For over fifteen years his practice has been exclusively focused on treating patients with Chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections.

OLDC Success Stories

I have been trying to figure out how to thank the person who quite literally saved my life. Up until being diagnosed by Steve O’Neill in June, 2008, I was labeled an unstable hypochondriac by my physician of over 15 years.”
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I am a 50 year old disabled RN who was infected with Lyme Disease in Windsor, Ontario in 1977. I had a bull’s eye rash the size of a dinner plate, followed by severe flu like symptoms. After seeing numerous specialists…
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When my daughter was six-years-old she became sick. First she had pain in her foot, then increased to strange aches and pains, muscle cramping, and occasional minor limping. ..with Steve’s treatment, she began to improve quickly.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Often my patients have similar concerns and questions. Please feel free to read over the common questions that I receive in the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don’t find your question here, please take a few minutes to read the information provided  to you on the website.  

Am I taking new patients?
Yes, I am taking new patients.
Do you only take patients that been tested positive for Lyme Disease?
Yes, I only take patients who have been tested positive for Lyme Disease. This ensures that I am treating the correct disease and am more capable of helping the patient.
Do I have Lyme Disease?

Currently, the only way to know if one has Lyme Disease is to take a blood test for Lyme Disease. I can help direct my patients to the most accurate Lyme Disease testing procedures and then help them interpret the results.

Is treatment covered under OHIP?

Currently treatment at my clinic is not covered OHIP.

Do you use antibiotics to treat patients?

I do not prescribe antibiotics as part of my treatment plan. I am not against their use but often focusing just on the antibacterial component to treat chronic Lyme is insufficient (whether it be prescription or herbal). 

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