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Patients Stories & Testimonials

“For the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with over a thousand individuals with Lyme. Many of those individuals would describe themselves as cured from Lyme and left that part of their lives behind. Others would say that they are significantly better with some lingering issues. Yet there are some that I have been unable to help, to the degree we both wished. Below, are some testimonials of these that have had permanent and significant improvements.”

Steve O’Neill

Jennifer from Ontario, May 2017

When my daughter was six-years-old she became sick. First she had pain in her foot. This slowly increased to strange aches and pains, muscle cramping, and occasional minor limping. Her symptoms progressed to high anxiety, hallucinations (auditory and visual), skin burning at the lightest touch, and other odd sensations as well. All of her symptoms were fleeting would come and go without warning.

If she had been bitten by a tick I never saw any sign of it. She saw many doctors and had many tests performed, (including one for Lyme) but everything came out negative. I tried a naturopathic doctor but she did not help.

With Lyme Disease being so difficult to diagnose, I decided it was worth taking my daughter to see Steve O’Neill at the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic, just in case this was her issue. It turned out my daughter had some Lyme markers. With Steve’s treatment, she began to improve quickly, and continued to do well. Four years later she’s healthy and happy. She still receives treatment (drops she takes twice a day) and has only very occasional muscle cramping. I’m so thankful that Steve could help my daughter. He’s a kind and gentle man with great expertise in treating Lyme.

James from Newmarket, Ontario. 2011

I have been trying to figure out how to thank the person who quite literally saved my life.

While in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in July of 1989, I was bit on my left leg by a tick. What started as repeated flu-like symptoms, over the years grew into what I can only describe as the most agonizing pain to every part of my body. The fatigue associated with Lyme disease is relentless. The physical and emotional struggle to myself and my family has been extensive and overwhelming. Up until being diagnosed in June, 2008, I was labeled an unstable hypochondriac by my physician of over 15 years. As I got sicker and sicker, I was told that it was all in my head, that there must be a history of mental illness in my family, and that I suffered from depression. Nothing was ever done by my doctor to properly investigate the source of the pain and fatigue that I was forced to endure for such an extended period of time.

In July, 2008, under the care of Steve O’Neill, I began a protocol of natural and herbal supplements. Within weeks, it became apparent that the treatment was working. Thirteen months later, although not yet free of the collateral damage that 2 decades of Lyme Disease had done to my body, it became apparent that I was for the most part free from my Borrelia burgdorferi bacterial invasion.

Two years ago I truly believed that at best I had another 5 years to live. However, by the summer of 2009, at 45 years of age, I began to realize that I have as good a chance of having a normal life expectancy as anyone else. An amazing revelation.

What I ultimately find most offensive is the Canadian Heath care System’s blatant ignorance with regard to what is clearly a curable disease. There is simply no excuse that anyone should have to live like I have, let alone for anyone to die of this disease. That I had to travel to New Jersey and pay for proper testing to confirm that I had contracted Lyme Disease is just the beginning of the disgrace that the Canadian Healthcare System has become.

I am living proof that the natural treatment protocol that I have received, really works. I am undeniable proof that Lyme disease can be eradicated without the use of prescription antibiotics. It is my belief that Steve O’Neill’s comprehensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine is the cornerstone of his insight into the treatment of Lyme Disease and the collateral damage that it creates. Steve’s attention to detail and professionalism sets Steve into a class of his own.
After being forced to hide from society for over a decade, I am finally starting to live again. Despite the damage that 20 years of Lyme Disease has done, in the last few months the body pain and heart palpitations have disappeared. At 45 years of age, it is an understatement to say that I am getting a second chance at life.

How do I thank the person that has literally given me my life back? When I figure that out, I will let you know.

Doug, April 2013

I am writing this letter in appreciation for all the help you have given me. As you know I came to you for Lyme disease that I had been suffering with for 25 years. When I can to you I had severe headaches, brain fog, confusion, anxieties, depression and much more all of which main stream medicine offered no hope or treatment. I has meet with denial, rejection and frustration, doctor after doctor I was bitterly disappointed and bewildered.

With the guidance and treatment from OLDC my symptoms have subsided greatly and I feel comfortable to write his letter in reference to a great job you have done in helping me get through a very difficult time in my life. I am almost symptom free. Although I did add another protocol to your treatment plan I do feel the treatment, supplements and guidance you offered was the foundation for my recovery from a long time infection.

You offered a level of compassion and care that was a big part of me healing. I wouldn’t want anybody to get Lyme disease but if they do I can’t think of any other person better equipped to help them through their long journey to recovery.

Thank You

Brandi, 2017

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I truly believe if it was not for you I would not have recovered from Lyme Disease. It has been over three years now and I have been able to travel around the world and I currently live in Vietnam.

Also, because of you I was inspired to go back to school to study to be a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I will be starting my program in September.

Thank you seems like such a minuscule thing to say to someone who has changed your life.

Hope you are healthy and happy Steve!

A survivor, Doris, February 2015

I am a 50 year old disabled RN who was infected with Lyme Disease in Windsor, Ontario in 1977. I had a bull’s eye rash the size of a dinner plate, followed by severe flu like symptoms and a full body rash. 2 months after the bite I developed anxiety attacks, air hunger and complicated migraines which caused loss of vision, loss of speech and numbness to one side of my body. Over the next 38 years my health just continued to decline.

After seeing numerous specialists- neurologists, neurosurgeon, rheumatologist, allergist, orthopaedic surgeon, gynaecologist, cardiologists, etc. Having numerous tests- CT’s, MRI’s, EEG’s, EMG’s, x-rays, ultrasounds, stress tests, Echo’s, EKG’s…..etc. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, heart palpitations, Bell’s Palsy, severe fatigue, poor short term memory, Osteoarthritis, Bakers Cyst, gout, endometriosis, sciatica, depression, lymph edema and anaphylactic shock. Not once was Lyme disease ever mentioned or suspected by any of these Many Doctors !!

20 years ago I myself suspected I had Lyme disease after reading an article about Lyme and I contacted the Canadian Lyme Association and asked if there was any treatment available since I was infected for 15 + years. I was told there was Nothing I could do.

Finally in 2014, out of frustration in my declining health with no known causes, I began researching Lyme disease again. I took Dr. Richard Horowitz’s ( from New York ) quiz online and scored off the charts. There my search for healing began !!

I approached my family doctor and mentioned Lyme disease and he said No you do not have it but ordered the Elisa test anyhow. I explained to him it would come back negative as our testing is flawed !!! it did come back negative. I needed the Western Blot. Which I did through Igenex in California. My western Blot came back IGM positive, IgG negative. To confirm the positive was due to Lyme I did a Lyme epitope test. Which confirmed Lyme disease !! I wanted to treat it naturally so I went to the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic after being recommended by another patient that had great success with Steve.

Meeting Stephen O’Neill in September 2014 was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me !!!!! Steve is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to Lyme disease !!!! He is always approachable and available for any of your questions or concerns. I highly recommend Steve and his Lyme treatment for those struggling as I once was !!!
I am happy to report that with Steve ‘s guidance, instructions and reassurance I am now in remission after 4 short months !!!!! Steve ordered a herbal protocol, detox instructions, necessary diet changes along with words of encouragement. For me Healing Lyme required a variety of things, massages, healing touch, osteopath along with 100% commitment.

I am so very grateful that by the grace of God I was directed to Steve at the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic !!!! Where I found healing for this dreadful epidemic of Lyme Disease !!!!

Doris Windsor Ont. May 2016 (follow Up)

Just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for saving Me yet again!!!!!

Your advice was right on and I have had no neuro symptoms for weeks. Yesterday I resumed the teasel and the cats claw.

Also I have 2 very desperate people I have met through our Lyme support group that I have referred to you. I pray they have contacted you because your way of treatment is the right way!!!!!!

PS. Steve do you ever come to the Windsor area?? Just wondering if you would consider speaking at our support group meeting?? These people need to hear your way of treating. Not all these darn antibiotics. I don’t see them improving, Very sadly. Everyone wants a quick fix that really isn’t a quick fix!!!! Each time I follow what you’ve told me I have Good results. Thank you for your consideration!!!

Kelly, June 2017

Hi Mr. O’Neill, as I’m coming to the end of my treatment, I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help, advice & direction on my journey!

It has made a World of difference & I’m feeling exactly as I was before we met!

I wish you all the best & hope your other patients benefit as much as I have because of you!

Thank you again!

Sarah Jane, Toronto, Ontario 2012

Two years ago, a friend of mine handed me a business card and said, “This man really helped my uncle… maybe he can help you too.” Little did I know, the card I had just been handed was my life’s winning lottery ticket, and Stephen O’Neill was the grand prize, waiting to be claimed.

I was 30 years old, I had been sick for three years, and though I’d recently been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease, I had taken five months worth of antibiotics and still could hardly vacuum without completely exhausting myself. I walked with a cane, I ached all over, and I trembled so badly I couldn’t sit still. I was frustrated, scared, and approaching despair. And I was nearly broke.

Like many Lyme sufferers, I had spent over two years of my life and earnings as a hot potato, passed around from doctor to doctor. Eventually I struck gold and fell into the hands of a well-informed, open minded family doctor who was suspicious of Lyme soon after taking me on and encouraged me to fork over the cash and be tested in the U.S.

Though I knew my health was in my family doctor’s best interest, and I was grateful that he believed and supported the idea of a natural treatment for Lyme, he lacked the knowledge and experience to single-handedly guide me back to health. I longed for a practitioner who had extensive knowledge of the disease and success in its natural treatment. But was there such a person? And if there was, God only knew how much it would cost.

My hope of recovery grew dimmer and dimmer.

Then one fine day, a friend slipped me that business card. Desperate to get well, I was eager to try anything and phoned him up right away. Within the first few minutes of our conversation, it was clear Steve was a man who understood Lyme disease through and through, had successfully treated numerous patients, and was certain he could help me reclaim my heath. And he was affordable! Within months of following his natural treatment plan I experienced marked improvement: I no longer needed a cane, I had stopped trembling, and I had enough strength to return to full time work.

Steve’s extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with his vast understanding of Lyme disease and all its complexities is the perfect combination for a natural recovery – not to mention everything you could possibly want in a health care practitioner overseeing your recovery. He has always made himself available to answer my questions, whether by email or by phone, and checks in on me regularly to monitor my progress. He is patient, meticulous, and most importantly, he truly cares.

I don’t like to think about where I would be had I not been handed Steve’s business card. Being at the mercy of Canada’s health care system is a challenging position to be in when dealing with Lyme. But I don’t have to think about that. I have things to do, people to see, and places to go. I’m a healthy woman with my whole life ahead of me, and that is all thanks to Stephen O’Neill. I’d take that over a winning lottery ticket any day.

Sheila, August 20, 2015

In March of 2014 I showed up for my first appointment at the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic. I was typical in that I had been mismanaged by allopathic medicine for over a decade. Having chronic Lyme disease, I knew there would be no quick fixes and was convinced that naturopathic treatment was the way to go.

I followed all of Steve O’Neill’s recommendations. He knows a lot about Lyme disease and the herbals that cure it. Steve was able to guide me through the various phases of treatment and give information on how to manage potential side-effects ie. herxing. His strong suggestion to follow an anti-inflammatory diet was no big deal as I had been doing so for years.

It has been eighteen months since I began treatment at the Ontario Lyme Disease Clinic. There is no doubt about my improvements. My skin rash is slowly disappearing and my diminished cognitive abilities are returning. I have a lot more energy and the depression has lifted. It is apparent to me that Steve’s interventions have helped to restore the healing powers of my own body. Full recovery is going to take just a bit more time but thanks to Steve I am well on my way.

Deborah M.D. from Newmarket, Ontario 2018

Thank you for all your support and great care on my journey back to wellness.

Flutuel, 2017

We wish you happy holiday’s and may they be as happy as our everyday since you brought new hope in to our lives. God bless you!